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Superhero City News

Adult Animated Sitcom (in development)


Superhero City News is an animated workplace sitcom about the daily struggles of a news team in the world capital of superheroes and villains.


Created by Jonathan Schwab, Niklas Burghardt

Concept Art by Pearl Seemann

Development funded by Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg

Produced by Smiley Guy Studios (Canada), Uppig Pfeffer


The city of Metrona is synonymous with all things super: superheroes, supervillains, super sidekicks and, of course, the world-famous Annual Supercademy Awards. Anyone who's anyone with special powers and a cool costume tries to make it here. But most aspiring Avengers end up getting stuck in ordinary day jobs. One local TV station has turned into a refuge for some of these extraordinary losers where they produce anything from sensationalist newscasts to action-packed entertainment programs. Just as long as the ratings are right. Superhero City News is an animated workplace sitcom with a super-powered twist. A deep dive into the colorful and unrelenting multiverse that is live television.


Niklas and I met in our early days at Babelsberg Film University. Starting with one of those ideas discussed in a bar late at night, we soon began to bring the world of Superhero City News to life. We wanted to combine our shared love of superhero comics and cartoons with the experiences we gained as young professionals in the media industry. Along with a small writers' room and Pearl Seeman as our concept artist, we managed to secure a development funding by Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg. Shorty after, the Toronto-based animation production company Smiley Guy Studios (Mulligan, black-ish, Corner Gas Animated) joined the project.

Concept Art

Character Art

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Poster Art

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