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© by Comedy Central & STARKL!film

Comedy Central's Don't Skip

Reaction Show, 2022


Jokah Tululu and Marcel Mann sit down to watch funny ads together in this playful live reaction show with lots of games and categories, but really only one rule: don't skip.


Produced by Comedy Central, STARKL!film

Written by Jonathan Schwab, Fred Costea


Comedy Central GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Australia) approached me about reimagining the British TV show "The Funniest Adverts on the Planet" as a more lively studio format, with Jokah Tululu and Marcel Mann as the hosts. I decided to go with a live reaction-based concept, add games for an element of friendly competition, and give each episode a theme that fits the couch setting. The goal was to imbue the show with spontaneity and an authentic hanging-out-with-friends appeal. As the show's head writer, I was tasked with conceptualizing and writing all episode outlines, as well as prompts for the hosts' banter and optional gags to fall back on. The show ran for two successful seasons, just like the original UK version did. My co-gagwriter was Berlin based comedian/actor Fred Costea.

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