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© by Comedy Central & STARKL!film

Comedy Central's

Sketch Comedy, 2021 - 2022


Mini-Mocks is a US sketch series on Comedy Central, originally created by Greg Washburn in 2018. It tells of eccentric people and their strange enterprises in the form of short mockumentaries.


Created by Greg Washburn

Produced by Comedy Central, STARKL!film

Head Writer (GSA): Jonathan Schwab

Writers: Carl Clancy, Martin Thuernau


I've been writing episodes for the international edition since 2021, initially as a writer for Writersroom Berlin, later as Head Writer. Subjects we've brought to life include a human mosquito attractor, a dog poolice man and a penis tattoo artist. So far, the sketches have been filmed and broadcast in numerous locations. Among them Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland and Southeast Asia.


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